Who is Marielle Hadid’s Son, Colton Aflalo?

Colton Aflalo is the son of Marielle Hadid, an American entrepreneur and fashion figure of her own eyewear brand “Hadid Eyewear”.

Who is Marielle Hadid?

Marielle Hadid is the daughter of famous reality TV star and real estate developer Mohamed Hadid and his ex-wife Mary Butler, who is the eldest daughter of Muhammad. Her father is best known for her performance in “The Beverly Hills Real Housewives” which is Yolanda Foster’s ex-husband. She has a second sister and a second mother.

Who Is Marielle Hadids Son Colton Aflalo
Marielle Hadid


Hadid, in recent years, has been able to use her family’s newfound family limelight. As a result, she has tremendously grown her career in recent years.

Even though she isn’t involved in fashion as much as her siblings, she has a unique fashion look.

Who Is Colton Aflalo Parent?

Marielle Hadid, Colton’s mother is married but quite secretive when it comes to her relationship life. She stays very under the radar when it comes to this subject. She does have two children a son Colton Aflalo and a daughter Coco. More information about her children is currently private to her family alone.

Whilst at that, Marielle Hadid is involved in the fashion industry like the rest of her siblings. She has primarily worked behind the stage when it comes to fashion. She has been involved in designing various clothing and makeup collections.

One of her most notable works is the launch of fittingly Hadid Eyewear. Hadid and her sister Alana were the main brains behind the launch of this product line. But she has done her best to use the recent fame the Hadid family has found for the better good.

Who Is Marielle Hadids Son Colton Aflalo
Marielle Hadid in the kitchen


Marielle Hadid has an awe-inspiring and high-end lifestyle. Because of her involvement in the fashion world and her highly famous sisters, she gets to travel around the world.

She also is a very fashion-oriented person. Her Instagram posts show her extensive collection of clothing, shoes, and purses.

Marielle Hadid has a substantial social media presence. She has around 283k followers on her Instagram and 334 followers on Twitter. Marielle is not active on Facebook.

Her Instagram consists of various posts that show her lifestyle, fashion, vacations, and her family. She also has various posts with her superstar’s siblings. Such posts sure help get a lot of insight into the family.


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