Who Is Ronson Vincent Spouse Neeraja Vincent? Daughter And Family Life Explored

Who Is Ronson Vincent Spouse Neeraja Vincent Daughter And Family Life Explored

Who Is Ronson Vincent Wife Neeraja Vincent? Daughter And Family Life Explored. Here’s are some of the things, we know about Her.

Ronson Neeraja, a doctor by trade, appeared as a child actor in a number of Malayalam films. Because of her altruistic and untiring service during the Covid-19 pandemic, Vincent calls Neeraja a “superwoman.”

Neeraja Vincent Early Life

In 2020, the pair was married, but Covid-19 spoiled their honeymoon plans. However, Covid-19 came their way before they could leave for their honeymoon in Dubai.

Neeraja and her husband have also been spotted together at a number of events, including parties and award ceremonies. Additionally, the pair frequently posts their photos to their social media accounts.

Neeraja Vincent husband’s- Vincent Ronson Early Life

The 38-year-old performer is formally known as Ronson Vincent, a well-known actor from the south of India. Ronson’s paternal uncle is A. Vincent, a well-known Malayalam director and cinematographer.

Vincent began his career as a model for well-known companies. His first significant part was as Nandu in Asianet in the film Bharya. He received the exposure he required from his part in this movie to build his acting career.

Since he began working in the entertainment sector in 2010, Vincent’s career has evolved in a number of ways. He works as a model, actor, fashion designer, reality TV personality, and many other things.

In a number of films and TV productions, including Bharya, Seetha, Rakkuyll, Bigg Boss, Manasara, Study trip batch 162, and others, he has worked.

Neeraja Vincent husband’s – Vincent Ronson Career

Ronson Vincent began his career as a model for well-known companies. With the Telugu film Manasara directed by Ravi Babu, he made his acting debut. He represented the role of an IT expert as a man with grey areas. For playing the finest villain in the movie Manasara, Vincent won the Bharata Muni award. Vincent entered the Malayalam entertainment industry through Thomas Benjamin’s “Study Tour Batch 162.”

He made his television debut in the Asianet serial series Bharya[5]. Nandan, the son of Jayapradha instructor and professor Vishwanatha Menon, is given life by him. Bharya chronicles the story of a Vrindavanam-based family. Nayana, Nandan’s wife, is portrayed by Aleena Padikkal.

Neeraja Vincent Controversy

Ronson is glad to mention that his wife, Dr. Neeraja, is one of the medical specialists that saves lives during emergencies.

“I once bragged about being a superhero. However, I now feel insignificant in comparison to my wife, who is our superwoman. I cry as I watch her struggle to save people. Every day after returning from the hospital, she spends hours cleaning herself before entering our own home. Before entering the room, she cleans everything, including her pen and pin. Currently, I like being a good husband and taking her to and from the hospital every day. Congratulations to all frontline soldiers; you are the true superheroes “Ronson disclosed.

This shows that some women are still trustworthy and can still be hard-working in this times of need. Neeraja Vincent is one of the most important people because she saved people lives during the COVID -19 crisis. However, it is always good to have a good woman in our life.