Who Is Spiro Agnew’s Ghost On Twitter (@SpiroAgnewGhost)

Who Is Spiro Agnews Ghost On Twitter Spiroagnewghost

Spiro Agnew’s Ghost is an anonymous Twitter user, Who tweets about politics on the Twitter platform. Here are some of the details, we know about Him/She. Agnews Spiro Ghost is a social media star and, according to his name, a ghost who is currently unknown. Unlike Redsteeze Twitter (Stephen Miller Redsteeze), that’s known, Spiro Agnew Ghost has chosen to remain anonymous.

Who is Spiro Agnew’s Ghost On Twitter (@SpiroAgnewGhost)


Spiro Agnew’s Ghost is a social media influencer who talks about politics on Twitter.

@SpiroAgnewGhost currently has over 215.8k followers and 379k tweets.

Who Is Spiro Agnews Ghost On Twitter Spiroagnewghost

Who Is Spiro Agnews Ghost On Twitter Spiroagnewghost

@SpiroAgnewGhost follows only 40 profiles and uses the handle @SpiroAgnewGhost on Twitter. Spiro Agnew Ghost has also preserved the real Spiro Agnew’s profile and cover photo. In February 2014, he became a member of the platform.

he wrote in one of his most recent tweets. “If the Democrats are too incompetent not to put a completely deranged, dementia-laden sociopath Trump dancing next to the stage at the NRA convention days after 19 kids were murdered into many television advertising, I give up,”

Spiro Agnews Ghost is well-known for his political tweets and mainly criticizes issues of concern.

Spiro Agnews Ghost Age: How Old Is an Anonymous Twitter user?

Spiro Agnews Ghost is reported to be in his late 30s or early 40s. However, no one could identify his age because sources are unsure of the identity of the real account owner. However, the persona needs to be older than 30 because he makes political statements.

The real Spiro Theodore Agnew passed away on September 17, 1996, at the age of 77, a very long time ago. Spiro was born in 1918, and on November 9 of each year, he used to celebrate his birthday with those he loved.

Spiro Agnews Ghost Instagram

There is an Instagram account under @spiroagnewsghost on the Instagram handle.

But, we are not sure if it is run by the same person who operates the (@spiroagnewsghost) Twitter account.

In most of the @SpiroAgnewGhost recent tweets, the anonymous Twitter user can be seen attacking Trump and the democrats repeatedly. So, can we say that he is anti-Trump? Just a thought. Let’s look at some of his tweets

1. What I always find most interesting about this sanctimonious bullshit from a self-hating woman is that of course CONTROLLING women’s bodies doesn’t help them and also once the baby is forced to be born these same Repubs don’t want to give the mother ANY public assistance funds!

2. One has to wonder why @RepMTG’s husband of 27 years needed to divorce her suddenly right now, 6 weeks before the election

3. There is no way to parody how insanely stupid and pathetic the @GOP is on this topic. It’s simultaneously sick and moronic at levels that are difficult to grasp.

4. The man is the most utterly deranged, delusional pathological liar I have ever seen. It is mind-blowing how insane he is.

5. This rotund orange piece of shit cares far more about where his next Quarter Pounder with cheese comes from than he does about the loss of these kids. This is so vile and fake.

6. You belong in a mental institution with a LOT of available Thorazine to deal with your multitude of derangements and delusions. You got 3.4% of the vote.

7. “Dear Committee: Give me all the evidence you have on me so I won’t perjure myself under oath. Mmkay, thanks”