Who is Teresa Fidalgo, How True Is Her Story?

Who Is Teresa Fidalgo How True Is Her Story

The fear of the unknown is usually what drives people to bow down to unsubstantiated threats. The Teresa Fidalgo urban folk tale is prevalent. If you do a simple search on your search engine, you will get extensive search results of her story. Are you trying to piece where it all started, and how true is her story? If you have experienced Teresa’s post on social media and wondering whether you did the right thing, then the following breakdown will put you at ease.

Who Is Teresa Fidalgo How True Is Her Story

The Teresa Fidalgo Story

What does the Teresa Fidalgo quote say? I am Teresa Fidalgo, and if you don’t post this on 20 other photos, I will sleep with you forever, A girl ignored her, and her mom died 29 days later. You can even search for me on Google. You have probably come across the chain message doing rounds on social media with the above words. The story is rife on Facebook. WhatsApp, Instagram, and email accounts. If you do an online search of Teresa, you will get innumerable results, but in most cases, you will find some bloodied pictures that are purportedly the ghost of a young girl that perished in a car accident.

Who Is Teresa Fidalgo And What Is Her Story?

Teresa is not the first white lady myth that has been propagated by people over the years. However, people claim that her story is real, and it has caught the attention of many individuals over the years. Teresa Fidalgo, according to the story, is the ghost of a girl that died in Sentra, Portugal in 1983. So how did Teresa Fidalgo died? She died in an accident. Twenty years after the accident, on July 12, 2003, her footage came out on the internet and has gone viral.

You have probably come across the Teresa Fidalgo videos and are probably wondering whether the footage is real. The video, according to the narrative, appeared twenty years after Teresa Fidalgo’s accident, in 2003 and has gone viral ever since.

In the Teresa Fidalgo story video, a group of three friends drives at night in a deserted area while discussing ghost stories. They see a woman dressed in white walking on the other side of the road and decide to give her a ride. The lady is attractive but reserved and doesn’t talk a lot. When asked where she is heading, she points ahead. All of a sudden, she points at her final destination and tells the other people in the car that it is the place she had an accident and died. When the camera once again faces her direction, her face is covered with blood. She screams, and the car crashes.

According to the story that is purported to be a true event, the two passengers and a woman die in the car crash, leaving only one survivor called David. However, he cannot clearly explain what happened that night. Once you watch the full Teresa Fidalgo video, you will probably be left wondering whether the events are a true account of it is just a folk tale and a well-choreographed production.


Urban tales, especially tech-era-related, are so believable and, in most cases, people have even gone a step further to formulate creative productions that bring the story to life. The Teresa Fidalgo story, just like many other urban folks is false, not a true account at all.

It is a product of a short movie, meaning that the footage is genuine, but the entire story you watch is scripted and well-choreographed to perfection as a movie. A Portuguese director that produced the short film goes by the same name as the person that survived the accident in the story. The film was produced in 2013 and debuted in 2014 on David Rebardao’s YouTube channel. The short film’s name is A Curva. The producer, during an interview, confirmed that the urban ghost story was scripted and the video is part of the footage of one of his movies.Despite all this, people still claim that there is a real Teresa Fidalgo 1986 accident story. However, it is hard figuring out if this is a fictional or true story. So, the next time you spot the trending Teresa Fidalgo WhatsApp message, don’t fret and avoid sharing the hoax.

If you have been wondering, “who is Teresa Fidalgo?” there you have it. She is an urban ghost story that has been regenerated and recreated to fit a certain narrative.