Who is The Award Winning Writer, Shefali Vaidya’s Husband?

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Who is Shefali Vaidya?

Shefali Vaidya is a renowned, notable and award winning Writer, Newspaper Columnist, Social media Influencer, Media Personality and an Avid Traveller who based in Pune, India. Shefali is a graduate holds a Masters degree in Mass Communications from the University of Pune, an advanced post-graduate diploma in Spanish language and a post-graduate diploma in Indology.

What Do You Know About Shefali Vaidya’s Husband?

Shefali Vaidya is married to Ganesh Mohan. Ganesh hails from a Tamil family. Shefali and her husband, Ganesh are parents to triplets, two sons and a daughter – Aadit, Arjun and Ananya. Shefali on the other hand comes from a Konkani Family, while she loves to travels with her kids and writes about them. She is often seen behind her camera, as she clicks her children and the places she goes to with them.

Career Life of Shefali Vaidya

Shefali has her own V-log, Shef’s Special in both English and Marathi. She is associated as an independent editorial consultant with Media Vidya, a Marathi news outlet based in Pune. She is an Ananta Leadership Fellow and is a member of IHAR, a think tank dedicated to research in Indian history. She also curates unique heritage and arts and craft travel experiences for Swarajya Heritage and Wanderfirst, a niche travel company based in Bengaluru. She has worked with both traditional as well as new media and has been involved in television programming, content management for websites, writing for magazines and newspapers and independent blogging. She writes in multiple languages, English, Hindi, Marathi, Konkani as well as Spanish. She has her own bilingual V-log, Shef’s Special which is widely followed. She is a regular columnist with SwarajyaMag, OPIndia and RightLog.

Shefali Vaidya is a vast writer who covers up topics like travel, history, parenting, temple architecture, Indian textiles, politics, current affairs, arts and crafts, culture, travel and human interest stories for several online and print publications. She also leads niche heritage and textile trails for WanderFirst, a travel start-up. Her articles have been published in reputed publications like the New Indian Express, The Hindustan Times, IndiaFacts, Firstpost, Jet Wings, Pragyata and Outlook Traveler, MyNation and Tarun Bharat.


Shefali Vaidya is also a political commentator. Political satire is her forte. Her opinions on politics are drawing attention as she has a keen eye to spot the ironical stances people take and she brings out the humour in them. She is a fan of the versatile Indian garment, saree swag. She frequently delivers lectures on heritage and history related topics in various places in India. She is often invited on Television Debates and has been featured on several radio and TV shows.