Who is the Famous Painter’s Wife, Joy Millward?

Who Is Joy Millward

Who is Joy Millward?

Joy Millward is known as the “Queen of Street Art”. She has enjoyed a long and successful career as a graffiti artist. Millward has been a lobbyist for politicians.

Joy Millward was born in West Midlands, and she has been married to her husband since 2006.

She lives in Canningham in a small town. There, she spends a lot of her income on food and drinks. She is not the only one who enjoys the perks of being married to a well-known artist.

Joy Millward is a lobbyist in the United Kingdom. In 2005 she set up Principal Affairs, a lobby group that supports charities.

She is the wife of a professional artist named Robin Gunningham – a man who many Banksy fans believe to be the secretive artist. In 2008 The Mail on Sunday published an investigation in which they named Gunninham as Banksy.

Joy Millward

Banksy, Joy Millward’s Husband; Who is He?

Joy Millward was married to Robin Gunningham, popularly known as Banksy in 2006 in Las Vegas. Shortly after their wedding, they moved out of Shoreditch, East London.

Banksy, a controversial artist, was called a modern art icon. He was raised in suburban middleclass areas and attended Bristol University.

He was also an ex-Labour MP researcher. He was known for his cryptic work, and his identity was kept secret. He had a difficult relationship with his parents despite his success.

Robin Gunningham, her husband, is an artist and self-confessed art lover. Robin, born in 1973 Bristol, also known to be Banksy’s long-supposed stomping ground, he went to public school Bristol Cathedral School. He has a number of expensive original works on display in his gallery in London.

Joy and her family live in a quiet community with few neighbors and visitors. Although she and her husband may not be household names, their art has made them a significant fortune. They own a lot of expensive assets, including a lot of luxury cars and a large credit card. They are the envy of all the men at fancy fetes and the women in the know.

Fans believe Robin Gunningham is Banksy

Joy Millward’s Husband, Robin Gunningham

Are The Couple Blessed with any Offspring??

Joy Millwards and her husband are highly secretive as nothing has been said or uncovered as regards the couple or their children.

One friend of the couple told The Mail: “Joy and Robin live in an isolated community and have little to do with even their closest neighbours. “Even those they occasionally speak to have no idea who they really are.

“The only people who know his real identity are those in the inner circle, who have been vetted.

“Some of Joy’s relatives have not been told who her husband is or what he does. Joy does tell people her husband is an artist of some type.

“Banksy has told people he designs the sets for award ceremonies, which explains his frequent absences.”


Joy Millward is a lobbyist who met his better half, Robin in London in 2003 soon before she began working as a researcher for Labour MP Austin Mitchell. She is a major player in sex but has kept her profile low despite being a very important player. She isn’t active on Instagram or Twitter.

Although she has not told her family she is married to Banksy, it’s not to suggest she doesn’t love the man. She is proud that her husband is a professional painter. She says that she wants Banksy’s brand to be kept alive.

She is blessed with a number of assets, including a BMW as well as a large collection of cats. She also owns a business she started in 2005. Joy Millward is a happy, charming and affable woman.

Robin was also diagnosed as having a spinal injury. He returned to work in 2006, however. His identity is kept secret because he is considered a controversial figure.