Who Is The Father of Travis And Jason Kelce, Ed Kelce?

Ed Kelce is the father of the Kelce brothers who ranks with a combined nine first-team All-Pro selections and one Super Bowl win apiece., They have built quite a legacy that anyone outside of the Manning family can only dream of building.

Who is Ed Kelce?

Ed is the father of Travis and Jason Kelce, two of the greatest young and promising athletes. Ed, just like his wife, Donna, was never a professional athlete, but he is a physically fit man who have raised his sons well. He has worked as a sales representative in the steel business, raising Travis and Jason in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Ed lives a private life, even though he frequently attends his son’s games with his wife, Donna. They duo have done some television interviews together as well.

Ed Kelce’s Wife and Her Dedication to Her Sons


Ed’s wife, Donna Kelce has an immense dedication to her son’s growth in their career paths. Donna came during wild-card weekend last season, she even started out Sunday in Tampa for Jason’s afternoon playoff game against the Buccaneers before flying to Kansas City for Travis’ prime-time playoff game against the Steelers. Ed and his wife, Donna both attended Super Bowl 52 when Jason and the Eagles upset the Patriots, and they were in attendance again two years later when Travis and the Chiefs took down the 49ers.

Ed Kelce and his family
Ed Kelce and his family

Donna Kelce once shows off a custom jersey that combines both of her son’s teams and names, wearing it in Kansas City last weekend for Travis’ divisional round game against the Jaguars. Her Twitter feed is littered with Pro-Bowl votes for her sons and their teammates, supporting everyone as if she were a youth football team mom. While her sons are both gifted athletes, Donna’s own career has been in the banking industry.


Travis and Jason Kelce are the sons of Ed Kelce. The brothers were raised in Cleveland Heights and played multiple high school sports in Ohio. They stayed in-state for college as well, as they both played at Cincinnati. Jason was a sixth-round pick of the Eagles in 2011, and Travis was drafted in the third round by Kansas City in 2013. The Kelce brothers were raised by parents who worked in the banking and steel businesses. All it took was Ed and Donna’s support and dedication for their sons to get on the path to football immortality.


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