Who is the Husband of Professional Basketball Player, Kelsy Plum?

There had been an unruling interest in the personal life of WNBA star Kelsey Plum, who currently plays for the Las Vegas Aces. As the Aces go from strength to strength throughout the 2022 season, recently taking a win against the Los Angeles Sparks, interest has piqued in Kelsey Plum.

Who is Kelsy Plum Married To?

There has been a huge rumour to the fact that the professional basketball player is married to a man called “Josh”. Anyways, earlier this year, Kelsey Plum took to Twitter to set the record straight on her relationship status. Kelsy revealed that she is not married and never has been, and is not romantically affiliated with the said Josh.


On 24 May 2022, Plum tweeted: “[I don’t know] where it came from but let’s set the record straight, I’m not married, nor have I ever been married. I’d love to meet this mystery man tho.”

Who Is The Husband Of Professional Basketball Player Kelsy Plum
Basketball Player Kelsy Plum

Here are some Reactions of People to Her Reply as Regards Her Marriage to the said “Josh”.

After Kelsey Plum tweeted about her ‘mystery man’, friends and fans chipped in with the joke.

One Twitter user commented: “Married to the game, you know what it is.”

“Hi I’m josh. Nice to meet you,” another joked.

One admiring fan even ‘volunteered as tribute’ using a Hunger Games clip in response to Kelsey Plum’s revelation that she is not married:


Media outlets have mistakenly reported that Kelsey Plum is married to a man named Josh, without providing further details on their relationship or his identity.

False reports allege that the pair were high school sweethearts, although this has been debunked by the Aces star herself.


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