Who Is The Notoriously Ascribed Cokequeen1?

Who is Cokequeen1?

Elizabeth Ray, often known as Cokequeen1, is a renowned TikTok star from the United States. She is currently in the spotlight for releasing private videos on TikTok.

Why Is The Notoriously Ascribed Cokequeen1

Ray has now taken down all of her TikTok videos from her official TikTok account. She is quite young, yet her actions have not led her in the right direction. She’s completely abused social media. Her parents are not proud of her for such actions.

What Is Cokequeen1 Noted For?


Many of those who follow her have dubbed her the “bra-less TikTok star.” However, everyone aspires to change once they realize their error, and it appears that deleting all of her TikTok videos is Cokequeen1’s first move in improving her career.


Elizabeth has a vast career ahead of her, and she intends to make the most of it. Many others were able to record her deleted recordings, so they are easily accessible on YouTube.


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