Who Is The Son of American Actor, Nicholas Hoult

Joaquin Hoult is the son of Nicholas Hoult, a famous British actor. Joaquin is still a youngster and celebrity child of his famous father. Lots of people around the world are interested in him because his dad is really famous.

Who Is The Son Of American Actor Nicholas Hoult
Joaquin Hoult’s parent

Mini Bio on Joaquin Hoult

Joaquin Hoult is the son of the famous English actor Nicholas Hoult and his mom, Bryana Holly. He was born on April 17, 2018, in Huntington Beach, California. His dad has family from many different backgrounds, like English, Scottish, Irish, and more. His mom’s family also hails from places like Japan, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.


Joaquin is an American and British citizen since his mom is from the United States and his dad is from the United Kingdom. His dad is famous for acting in the X-Men movies, while his mom is known for being in a short film called Zeds Dead: Collapse.

Who Is Joaquin Hoult’s Father, Nicholas Hoult?

Nicholas Hoult is a talented actor known for his hard work in movies and TV shows. Even though we should let famous people and their families have some privacy, it’s normal for people to want to learn about the lives of their favorite stars.


In 2017, Bryana Holly and Nicholas Hoult told everyone they were dating. Fans were excited to see these two talented people together. Since then, they have happily enjoyed their time and supported each other’s work. They both work in the entertainment industry as models; however, Nicholas doubles as an actor. Just like Hank Jefferies, Joaquin is blessed to be born into a family where both parents are popular names in the entertainment industry.


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