Who is The Son of Freddie Freeman, Brandon John Freeman?

Brandon John Freeman is the son of Freddie Freeman and Chelsea Freeman. Chelsea is the wife of Freddie Freeman, who is also a model and an entrepreneur with a line of fashion items as well as baby and family care products.

Brandon John Freeman came into limelight as the son of the professional baseball player Freddie Freeman. His father is a five-time All-Star in Major League Baseball (MLB).

Who is Brandon John Freeman Twin Brother?


Brandon has a twin brother, by name of Maximus Turner Freeman, but the fact on them being twin is a bit complicated. Here’s the story, Brandon was born to Freddie and Chelsea in December 2020, while his “Twin with a Twist,” Maximus, was born on February 14th, 2021, by a surrogate mother.

The couple had been trying for a second child without success and eventually decided to choose the surrogate option. While that procedure was being prepared, Chelsea became pregnant with Brandon, much to the joy of the family. However, they still went forward with the surrogacy arrangement and were blessed with two kids in the space of 2 months.

Who is Brandon John Freeman’s Father?

Freddie Freeman is a 6-time Major League Baseball All-star and has won many other rewards in the game. Brandon’s mother, Chelsea Freeman, is a model and entrepreneur. He is one of the most celebrated baseball names in recent history and has left massive shoes for his sons to attempt to fill. The sportsman has won the MLB All-Star game six times, the World Series Championship in 2021, and even the prestigious National League MVP award in 2020.

He was born on September 12, 1989, in California to Canadian parents, but tragically, his mother died when he was just 10. Freddie still grew up with a love of the sport, being a fan of the Los Angeles Angels and playing competitively from the age of seven. He currently plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers.


Brandon John Freeman’s mother, Chelsea has formerly worked as a model for Spring Break Nationals and leading companies like Harley Davidson and Ferrari. She is an entrepreneur who works with beauty, hair products, children’s things and essential household items.

In 2018, Freeman received a Gold Glove Award, a Silver Slugger Award in 2019 and 2020 and the National League’s Most Valuable Player Award in 2020.

Brandon’s elder brother Fredrick Charles Freeman II, called Charlie for short, was born on September 19, 2016. He was delivered by a C-section. Though the procedure ended with complications, but Charlie is a very healthy 5-year-old kid and is even said to be the next MVP-winning Freddie Freeman.


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