Who is Wife of Jaime Osuna, The Self-Proclaimed Satanist

Jaime Osuna is a notorious murderer from California who killed a mother of six children before being imprisoned, where he allegedly struck again. He is known for much more than his tattoos or his nickname, ‘the man with a thousand faces.’

Meet Jaime Osuna’s Wife

Jaime Osuna was married to his wife Joelle Castellano. Six months into their marriage, Jaime was arrested for allegedly injuring his wife. He was sentenced to nine months in prison but was released on parole. His wife reportedly shares one child with him.


Osuna’s wife, Joelle Castellano, once tipped police to the crime days before Pena’s body was found. According to Joelle, her estranged husband called her Nov. 8, warning her to watch the news for reports of an incident at a place called the “Morocco Motel.” Castellano says Osuna told her that a woman had been stabbed at the motel. Scared, Castellano contacted police to tell them Osuna had threatened her and asked if they’d heard of a crime taking place at a motel.

Castellano says police took a report from her regarding terrorist threats from Osuna but didn’t investigate her tip about a murder at a motel. Police went back and interviewed Castellano and asked her what she knew. Satisfied they had enough evidence from the wife’s claims, police arrested Osuna.

Who Is Self Proclaimed Stanist Jaime Osunas Wife
Jaime Osuna

In 2017, Osuna pleaded guilty to five felony charges which included murder, attempted murder, making threats, assault with a deadly weapon, and trying to dissuade a witness. The prosecutor said after he was arrested, Osuna had tried to prevent his former wife from testifying. During his sentencing hearing, Osuna waved at Pena’s relatives and gave a thumbs-up upon being sentenced to life in prison.

Today, convicted killer Jaime Osuna has been accused of beheading his cellmate, Luis Romero in what authorities call an exceptionally sadistic torture slaying at a California prison.

According to Phil Esbenshade, Kings County Assistant District Attorney, one of the victim’s fingers was severed, a body part was cut out, his eye was removed, and his head was decapitated.


Jaime Osuna is a self-proclaimed satanist who was charged and convicted for the 2011 murder of Yvette Pena. He originally pleaded not guilty to the first-degree murder charge.

However, he admitted in a 2017 interview with KGET’s former reporter Olivia LaVoice that he was guilty and intended to plead guilty to the murder. In the interview, he stressed that he wasn’t pleading guilty to save his victim’s family from the pain of a drawn-out trial but because he preferred the comforts of prison to the county jail. He also told LaVoice: “I recognize myself as one who is not afraid to indulge himself without the consequences and let society mold him into, as laws change, and as society changes, people change with it.” He was sentenced to life in prison without parole, which is where his second alleged murder took place. Guards who were supposed to be checking on the prisoners reportedly skipped a few rounds, and Osuna allegedly took the opportunity to attack and kill his roommate. When the guards finally found the pair, Osuna had allegedly decapitated his second victim. ‘The man with a thousand faces’ was written on the wall of their cell in his victim’s blood.


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