Who Was Tommy Lee’s Father David Lee Thomas Bass?

Who Was Tommy Lees Father David Lee Thomas Bass

American singer, Thomas Lee Bass is one of the members who founded the heavy metal music group Mötley Crüe. Lee created the rap-metal band Methods of Mayhem and has pursued solo musical endeavors in addition to serving as the band’s longtime drummer.

Who Was Tommy Lees Father David Lee Thomas Bass

David Lee in his younger years

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David Lee Thomas Bass was a sergeant in the US Army while his wife had previously competed in the 1957 Miss Greece beauty pageant. American soul singer David Oliver is well known for his compositions Friends & Strangers, which Ronnie Laws performed in 1977, and the quiet storm radio smash hit tune, Ms.

In 1980, he also sang and produced the original version of the Cecil Womack song Love TKO and included it as a track on the album Heres To You.


During Lee’s time in Greece, David Lee wed Vassiliki Voula Papadimitriou, Tommy’s mother. However, two years after Tommy Lee’s birth, they eventually moved to the US.

Athena was the name of their additional kid. Records indicate that Lee’s father had two marriages—the second to Lois Lavonne Aultman—but the musician has not confirmed this.

Tommy shared in an Instagram post on Father’s Day 2014 that he still misses his father David still has a particular place in his son’s life even though he is no longer there. Vassiliki passed away at the age of 73. Tommy hasn’t ever gotten over the passing of his mother and he dedicated his song “Blue” to her after she passed away.