Why Is Keith Randulich Trending And Who Are His Parents?

Keith Randulich is an American popular personality who is currently on trend due to the fact that he is best known for stabbing his little sister Sabrina Clement to death. After brutally killing his sister in their family home, the 17-year-old teen was sentenced to 40 years in prison. Sabrina was only four years old when she was stabbed to death. He will be in his late 50s when he is released from prison.

Why Is Keith Randulich Trending And Who Are His Parents
Keith Randulich

Who Are His Parents?

Keith Randulich’s father is Mr. Randulich, while his mother’s name is Mrs. Randulich. There is no other details about his parents outside their names. His parents were out of their house on May 22, 2009. That’s when he dragged his sister down to the cellar and fatally stabbed her. He slit her throat with a 5-inch steak knife. Keith stabbed the little girl in the neck multiple times as if that wasn’t enough to kill her. Keith called  911 after killing his sister and informed them of the crime.



Keith Randulich is of a white ethnicity. He has American Descent. He is a well-educated man. He completes his high school at Lincoln-Way East High School. After high school, he enrolled at Primary University. Randulich cut his sister’s throat while his parents were out and his brother was upstairs playing a video game. Keith had previously stated that he believed a family member was $exually assaulting his sister Sabrina. He went on to say that he took her life to save her. In her autopsy,  however, police found no evidence of  $anexual assault.


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