Why Leather Photo Frames Are Best For Displaying Your Photos?

Photographs make a space feel homely. Snapshots of loved ones and favourite places evoke fond memories, so we love to surround ourselves with personal photographs. When it comes to framing these precious pictures, there are various options to pick from. Leather photo frames are some of the strongest contenders; these attractive, chic frames match any room style and are a practical choice too.

Classic and Timeless Design

Quality leather photo frames will never date or go out of fashion. Always elegant, the simple design of leather frames adds a sophisticated look to any room. Leather blends well with all types of décor, from minimalist to rustic and modern to traditional. There is always a shade of leather that complements a room’s colour palette as well. Few home accessories suit such a wide variety of settings. You are assured that leather photo frames will always remain a classic.

Natural Materials Never Look Out of Place

When it comes to home décor, there’s nothing more appealing than natural materials. As we try to use less plastic, natural fabrics such as wool, cotton, linen and leather are appreciated much more. Leather photo frames, wooden furniture, and wool floor covering evoke a warm and cosy atmosphere. Suitable for any space, you cannot go wrong if you choose frames crafted from leather.

Texture Enhances Your Décor

Take your home décor to the next level with added texture. Leather comes in various finishes, from a soft, fine grain to the roughness of croc skin. If your room lacks features, then layering different textures will add interest. For example, mix together sumptuous fabrics with gold-coloured metal and smooth polished wood with the toughness of oak-grained leather. Layering textures is a well-known interior design trick that works – and leather photo frames lend themselves beautifully to this. Mixing together a few different leather frames will make a strong statement. Avoid matching the frames; instead, choose a variety of sizes and finishes for impact. There are lots of variations that work beautifully together at David Hampton.

Touch of Luxury for the Home

Quality leather is a luxurious and beautiful material, adding an opulent touch wherever it is used. Leather is tactile and pleasing to the eye, and if you have a few photo frames crafted in leather, your space will feel instantly upgraded. When visitors enter your home, they will be drawn straight to your collection of photos. Leather frames are easy to hold in the hand, and your chosen pictures are sure to start a lively conversation.

Unisex Design

Leather frames appeal to both men and women. They have a softness and a toughness that makes them suitable for both feminine and masculine styles. The frames are available in a range of colours, which also broadens their use. Ideal for living rooms, bedrooms and the hallway, a simple leather photo frame would also grace an office desk appropriately.

Non-breakable Photo Frames

An often overlooked benefit of leather is its robustness. It’s a soft yet tough material that will not shatter or snap when dropped. This quality comes into its own if you have a cat that likes to climb or a small child who can reach the shelf. An accident will rarely damage the frame or the photograph – and there’s no mess to clear up either. When safety is a consideration, leather photo frames are the ideal solution.

Changing Your Photos is a Breeze

Changing the photo inside a frame can be a struggle. With sharp clips or fragile glass to remove, swapping the picture can be a daunting chore that puts you off. Leather frames, on the other hand, are much easier to manage. Change your display in a minute by simply sliding one photo out and the next in. Nothing is difficult to overcome – you can change the photo as frequently as you want.

Leather Photo Frames Travel Well

Take your family with you when you travel and pop your favourite picture in a leather frame. It is ready to be displayed at the office, a hotel room or a weekend bolt-hole. The space will instantly feel like home wherever you roam when you stand your photo frame on a surface. With folding frames, your pictures are always ready to pack in a suitcase.

Versatility is Key

Leather photo frames are undeniably versatile and will stand the test of time. Suitable for many different spaces, they are practical while remaining luxurious. For hand-crafted frames in a choice of leather finishes, browse the selection by David Hampton.