Why Should You Always Book A Full Car Service?

It’s estimated that in 2023, the average UK driver spent over £2,000 maintaining their car. With the cost-of-living crisis still putting families under pressure, it’s hardly surprising that some of us are looking for ways to avoid facing hefty bills from the garage.

Delaying essential checks and repairs could cost you more in the long run. Perhaps surprisingly, the most cost-effective way to look after your vehicle is to get it serviced regularly and professionally.

What is a car service?

Also known as a health check, a service is a routine inspection. It’s nothing to be worried about and is a vital part of looking after your car.

Undertaken by only professional mechanics, it involves examining, repairing and replacing various components of the vehicle to restore it to prime condition.

A car doesn’t need to be broken down to qualify for a service. It’s a routine maintenance check with the primary purpose of replacing consumables like engine oil and ensuring that there’s nothing else going on that could affect your car’s performance, fuel efficiency, or safety.

Why should you pay a mechanic to service your car?

  • Longevity

Maintaining your car is one of the most proven ways to make it last longer. The easiest way to ensure this is by booking a full car service at least once or twice a year. When your engine runs on clean oil and has all the parts lubricated, it’s more reliable and cost-effective too.

  • Safety

Driving a car is something that already entails risk. Why increase it for yourself, your passengers and the health of your vehicle? By continuing to drive a car that’s already showing signs of needing a service, you risk potentially dangerous faults or even breaking down while driving.

  • Cost

Attempting to fix something on your car by yourself could end up costing you much more than just a few miles. With botched repairs costing drivers more than £800 on average, you should always trust the professionals to service and repair your car effectively.

How often should you service your car?

You should aim to get your car booked in for a service as often as possible. However, the timeframe depends on the manufacturer, model and age of the car, along with any known faults or repairs in the past.

Generally, a comprehensive annual service is the bare minimum requirement to keep your car running at its best. For improved reliability, especially in older cars, you shouldn’t go for longer than six months without a service.


Getting your car serviced regularly ensures that you always know what’s going on with it – and means that smaller issues can be repaired before they turn into bigger problems. You should never wait until the service light appears on the dashboard because, by then, it could be too late.