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Port-Harcourt singer and song writer, Wizard Chan has come forth with a brand new hit track which is called, “Earth Song.”

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Wizard Chan – Earth Song Quotable Lyrics

Dot my I’s
Cross my T’s
Then I smoke some trees
Then I meditate with the Almighty
Lord it’s your son I’ve sinned
I have messed up but I can still breathe
Another day to sin
Lord have mercy I’m on my knees
Cuz a man must sin

I live in a world of looming danger
Where the evil is always winning
And the good they live in prayers

In a realm where magic flowed like rivers and forests whispered ancient secrets, there existed a mysterious figure known as the Earthsong Wizard. This enigmatic sorcerer was said to possess a profound connection with the natural world, a bond that extended beyond mere spells and incantations.

Legends spoke of the Earthsong Wizard as a guardian of the land, a harmonious conduit between the elements and the creatures that inhabited them. Their power resonated through the very soil and leaves, a melody that echoed in the heartbeats of every living being. It was said that when the wizard sang, the earth itself would stir, responding with vibrant bursts of growth and life.

The village of Eldermere was nestled on the edge of the Whispering Woods, a place where the boundaries between the mystical and the mundane seemed to blur. It was here that young Adalyn first heard whispers of the Earthsong Wizard. Raised on tales of magic and wonder, she dreamt of a world where nature and sorcery danced in perfect harmony.

Adalyn’s journey began when she stumbled upon an ancient tome hidden in the village library. Its pages were filled with verses that seemed to hum with energy, verses that spoke of the Earthsong Wizard’s abilities. Eager to uncover the truth, Adalyn embarked on a quest to seek out the fabled sorcerer.

Guided by the wisdom of the elders, Adalyn ventured deep into the heart of the Whispering Woods. The air crackled with anticipation as she navigated through towering trees and babbling brooks. Eventually, she reached a secluded glade bathed in dappled sunlight. It was here that the Earthsong Wizard was said to commune with the very essence of the land.

As Adalyn waited, a haunting melody began to drift through the air. The notes seemed to shimmer with magic, each one a brushstroke on the canvas of nature. And then, from the heart of the glade, emerged a figure draped in robes the color of moss and leaves. It was the Earthsong Wizard.

The wizard’s eyes held the wisdom of ages, and their presence exuded a tranquil power that Adalyn could scarcely comprehend. Without a word, the Earthsong Wizard extended a hand, inviting Adalyn to join in their connection with the earth.

Adalyn hesitated, her heart racing with awe and trepidation. But as her fingers touched the wizard’s, a surge of energy coursed through her veins. She felt the pulse of the land, the ebb and flow of life that pulsed beneath her feet.

Together, they sang. Their voices intertwined like vines, carrying a melody that soared above the treetops and dipped into the depths of the earth. Adalyn’s senses expanded, and she felt the whispers of every blade of grass, the heartbeat of every creature, and the pulse of every raindrop.

In that moment, Adalyn understood the true essence of the Earthsong Wizard’s power. It was not just about spells or enchantments; it was a profound attunement to the world around them. The wizard’s song was a reminder that magic was not a force to be controlled, but a harmony to be embraced.


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