“She is not behaving like a human being” – Teacher Write on student’s Report Card

This is unprofessional like seriously, even if the child behaves abnormally, he shouldn’t have written on the report card, he can just send message to the parent to discuss it.



Teacher’s comments on a report card on how the student does not behave like a human being, leaves Netizen triggered.

A report sheet going rounds on social media cause a reaction,  over the insensitive of the teacher to drop such a note.

A Report Card snapshot shared by a Twitter user identified as @TheIgboWolf, the teacher boldly wrote, “She is not behaving like a human being” on the student’s report card.

“For a student with such performance 2 A’s, 2C’, 2P’s and 1F and the teacher deemed it fit to say she doesn’t behave like human being? That teacher is a disgrace to teaching profession. Even with the teacher’s comment it shows the girl is brighter than her teacher. Period,” a Twitter user wrote.

Here’s how people Feel about it.


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