Xar Nygard Biography, Nationality, Father & His Controversies, Career Path and Net Worth

Xar Nygard, is widely known as the daughter of one of America’s Fashion Executives,  Peter Nygard. She is of a fact, the youngest of his seven children.

Profile Summary

Full Name Xar Nygard
Gender Female
Nationality Canadian
Occupation Undisclosed
Celebrity Father Peter Nygard
Net Worth $1 – $5 million dollars

Who is Xar Nygard?

Xar Nygard is the youngest child of Peter Nygard. Her mother was a former model by name, Freya. Xar has been noted to be a very private lady, thus not much could be gathered about her.

Who is Xar Nygard’s Father, Peter Nygard?


Peter Nygard is widely known as a Canadian fashion tycoon. He was born in Finland and grew up in Winnipeg; after getting a business degree from the University of North Dakota, he went into the apparel business, eventually taking over Nathan Jacobs, a struggling clothing maker.
He founded his women’s clothing company in 1967. Nygard International now has more than 170 stores across North America.

Controversies Surrounding Xar Nygard’s Father, Peter Nygard

The fashion businessman has been involved in a number of legal controversies including tax evasion and abusive labor practices, however last November reports surfaced of at least six women alleging he had raped them. Late last month the Canadian mogul was said to be facing two other separate lawsuits. Reports say allegations of sexual harassment have dogged Nygård for years.

What is the Career Life of Xar Nygard?

Xar’s professional career facts remain unknown because she has yet to reveal them. Also, Xar Nygard Social media visibility is nothing to write home about. She can’t be found on any social media handles so to say.

Xar Nygard Net Worth

Xar Nygard’s net worth is estimated to range within $1 million dollars-$5 million dollars, while her father, Peter Nygar has a net worth of $900 million.


Xar Nygard is one of the seven children of Finnish-Canadian Fashion Executive, Peter Nygard. She is the youngest child among her siblings.

Her father, Peter Nygard, is a businessman, clothing manufacturer who has been active in the field since 1967. Also, he is known as the founder of Nygård International which makes women’s apparel, and funny enough, is recorded to have also dated lots of them (Women).


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