Meet Australian Radio Presenter, Ross Stevenson’s First Wife

Meet Ross Stevenson First Wife

Ross Stevenson is an Australia Radio Presenter on Melbourne station 3AW. The light-hearted breakfast news and gossip show, Breakfast with Ross & Russel, is one of Australia’s most successful radio shows.

Mini Bio on Ross Stevenson

Ross Stevenson was born as Ross Campbell on 25th August 1957. He attended Trinity Grammar School, Kew, in Melbourne, where he was Dux of the college. In 1971 at 14 years of age, Stevenson was part of a choir which featured on the Colleen Hewett song “Day by Day” produced by Molly Meldrum. Stevenson is a keen punter, horse-racing enthusiast and owner.

Who is Ross Stevenson’s First Wife?

Ross was divorced from his first wife prior to marrying his current wife Sarah Fallshaw whom they have two children together a son, Hugh Campbell, and a daughter. There is not much known about his previous marriage, but he has two other sons from a previous relationship.

Stevenson’s current partner is Sarah Fallshaw and they have a son and a daughter. He has two other sons from a previous relationship.

Meet Ross Stevenson First Wife

Ross Stevenson

Career Life of Ross Stevenson

Stevenson’s initial career was as a lawyer at Melbourne law firm Darvall McCutcheon and then at Slater & Gordon. In 1985, while still a lawyer, Stevenson began his radio career on community station 3RRR where he partnered with fellow lawyer Denis Connell on a show called Lawyers, Guns and Money, a reference from a Warren Zevon song (“Send lawyers, guns and money, the shit has hit the fan”). Denis Connell was known as “Donoghue”, and together as “Donoghue & Stevenson”, in reference to one of the most famous negligence cases that every legal study and law student would have heard about in class.

After four years building a cult following at 3RRR Stevenson and Connell were recruited by 3AK and joined by anchor-man Dean Banks. In 1990 they crossed to 3AW where they continued to build audience following. Connell was sacked in 1991 by program director Steve Price. For the following 10 years Stevenson and Banks established themselves and their style as a ratings success. In December 2000, Banks decided to retire; again, leaving Stevenson to find a new partner.

From 2001, John Burns joined Stevenson as co-host. Burns had previously been a regular Friday morning contributor to the show as the character, ‘Sir Lunchalot’, providing humorous restaurant reviews and tips on dining etiquette. Burns retired in July 2020 and was replaced by Russel Howcroft.

Breakfast with Ross and Russel is the station’s top rating program and Stevenson is a highly regarded radio presenter by the public and by many of his peers. He is believed to be Australia’s highest paid breakfast broadcaster and in 2011 signed a lucrative eight-year contract with 3AW.


Ross stands at an average height and moderate weight. Details regarding his actual height and other body measurements are currently not publicly available. Stevenson has two other sons from his previous relationship and a son and daughter from his second marriage to Sarah.