Meet Ex-wife of Mexican singer Vincent Fernandez , Karina Obregon

Karina Obregon is the wife of Vincent Fernandez, even though she did not have the chance to share the fame her husband enjoyed due to some unfortunate events.

Who Is Karina Obregon?

Karina Obregon is the wide known beautiful ex-wife of Vincent Fernandez Jr. Karina Obregon came into the spotlight after she married the well famous Mexican artist Vicente Faernandez Jr. Moreover, Vicente is not just a musician as well, but also an actor and producer. Although the couple had the best and healthy relationship in the beginning but later, it was discovered that to be clear to be the case that Vicente was violent to the wife as well as his daughter.


Vincent is a veteran Mexican singer. He is known for his singles Dese Que Tu Te Fuiste and Sin Papeles. He is currently 56 years old and has entertained his fans for over three decades.

Although Karina and Vincent have ended their marriage, they are still battling a legal battle. Karina has accused her ex-husband of mistreatment, assault on her, and sexual assault on her 14-year-old daughter. She has also reported death threats against Vincent for which he was heavily criticized. She has expressed her desire to do justice for her daughter regardless of the surname that supports her ex-husband.

Who is Karina Obregon Kids?

Karina Obregon’s daughter was sexually assaulted by her ex-husband, Vincent Fernandez Jr. She has reported and has been fighting a legal battle with her ex-husband.

Besides that, there is not much information available on Karina’s kids on the web. She also has not shared any details on any of her social media platforms. Regarding her net worth, Kaina Obregon’s net worth is under review. The ex-wife of Mexican singer Vincent has not disclosed her net worth. However, her former partner has an estimated net worth of $2 million.


Karina brought a complaint against Vicente for allegedly abusing her and her daughter physically and mentally. Vicente has been accused of abuse of his daughter over more time.

This was the principal motive behind their separation. Karina was not looking to end her daughter’s life remaining in the union. The battles lasted for months before they ended up getting divorced. This is why Vicente was the target of massive public criticism. We don’t know any specifics about the punishments he was handed out by the justice system.


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