What Does Will Smith Have to Say About Melanie Parker?

Who is Will Smith?

Willard Carroll Smith II,popularly kas Will Smith, is an American Actor, Producer and Rapper. Known for variety of roles, Smith has received multiple accolades, including an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award and four Grammy Awards. Will Smith transitioned from successful rapper to Hollywood A-lister, starring on ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ before headlining such films as ‘Independence Day.

What is the Identity of Melanie Parker to Will Smith

Will made those revelation in his memoir regarding his relationship with Melanie. Melanie Parker was one of the schoolmates of Will Smith. After being in touch with each other for a long time they fell in love with each other. Parker had a good bond with Will Smith.


Melanie Parker was  the former lover of Will Smith. As at then, hew as profoundly and absolutely enamoured with her, as he stated that she was the center of his life from the day he met her at Overbrook Secondary School. She was wonderful with an overwhelming combination of uncertainty and idiosyncrasy, encompassing a stewing center of imaginative brightness. It additionally said that she had an upsetting youth.

Melanie Parker was born in America, and raised by an American local resident. Melanie’s mother killed her dad and was in jail, which made her to live with her auntie in Philadelphia. However, she and her aunt fought, and she got kicked out as a result. Will, however, convinced his parents to take her in as he feared her possible departure to Minneapolis for foster care.

She did her schooling at Overbrook Secondary School, Philadelphia.  Overbrook Secondary school was built in the year 1924. Will Smith also did his schooling from the same school.

Why Did They Break Up?

Despite his young age, Will Smith admitted that he was ready to build a life with Melanie and her family.

The romance turned turbulent, however, as the rapper discovered Melanie had been unfaithful to him when he came back from a two-week tour. Turning to “homeopathic remedies” and “rampant sexual intercourse”, Will allegedly even broke one of Melanie’s windows with a fire poker.

The pair reconciled but could never overcome Melanie’s infidelity. Melanie and Will broke up one last time, overcome with “anger and resentment.” Deciding to get his revenge, Will collected every item he had bought for her and set them on fire in front of her after a night out.


In his 2021 memoir, he said that he tried to reach Melanie on several occasions over the years. However, the attempts didn’t bear any fruit. He even confessed that he never saw and spoke to her after the final break-up. Melanie Parker’s was once a valuable part of Will Smith’s life.

At present, there isn’t much known about her whereabouts as she keeps a low profile and remains out of the spotlight. 16-year-old Will fell in love with her and was ready to spend the rest of his life together.


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